Definition of norm

Sample item


Masculine norm



Drive to win

In general, I will do anything to win


Desire for multiple/noncommitted sexual relationships Emotional distance from sex partners

If I could, I would frequently change sexual partners


Proclivity for physical confrontations

I believe that violence is never justified (reversed)


Aversion to asking for assistance

I ask for help when I need it (reversed)


Penchant for high-risk behaviors

In general, I do not like risky situations (reversed)

Power over women

Perceived control over women at both personal and social levels

I feel best about my relationships with women when we are equals (reversed)


General desire to have personal control over situations

In general, I must get my way

Primacy of work

Viewing work as a major focus of life

My work is the most important part of my life

Pursuit of status

Being pleased with being thought of as important

It feels good to be important

Disdain for homosexuals

Aversion to the prospect of being gay, or being thought of as gay

I would be furious if someone thought I was gay


Feminine norm


Nice in relationships

Developing friendly and supportive relationship with others

It is important to let people know they are special


Pursuing a thin body ideal

I am always trying to lose weight


Refraining from calling attention to one’s talents or abilities

I always downplay my achievements


Maintaining the home

I enjoy spending time making my living space look nice

Care for children

Take care and be with children

I would baby-sit for fun

Romantic relationship

Investing self in romantic relationship

Whether I’m in one or not, romantic relationships are often on my mind

Sexual fidelity

Keeping sexual intimacy contained within one committed relationship

I would only have sex if I was in a committed relationship like marriage

Invest in appearance

Committing resources to maintaining and improving physical appearance

I`d feel superficial if I wore make-up (reversed)