Bottlenecks in the casefile processing

Root causes


Extended analysis turnaround time (TAT2)

Delays due to SCM challenges, sample influx for casefiles especially forensic chemistry, machine availability―due to extended delay for service as a result of relying on foreign/overseas service providers and forex, inadequate scheduled staff for analysis especially processing the exhibits or samples; sample quality and quantity as a challenge which increases the rate of reprocessing the exhibits or samples.


Report collection delays (TAT6)

Lack of communication―no feed back to the client for any inconveniences or report due for collection, in adequate customer care management training, clients schedule, transport for collection by client, request is from rural areas which is far from the central FSL.


Extended report review time (TAT4)

Reviewers who laboratory managers and the director being involved in expert witness sessions

Lack of large number of qualified and gazetted analysts to perform review of reports


Initial administrative procedures (TAT1)

Lack of computerized system in record management, lack of trained personnel for record management, inadequate computing facilities, inadequate working space for keeping and categorizing the paper work


Report writing time (TAT3)

Inadequate computing facilities leading to user queues during report writing; inexperienced analysts in report writing, lack of scheduled or periodic in-house training programs for report writing skills; experienced staff in attendance of court sessions keep incomplete reports pending; lack of engagement among analysts, lack of motivation and seriousness among experienced analysts.