Input: Stego-image Is

Output: Message M

Initialization: Read Is

Preprocessing of Is :

Resize Is to a square matrix of pixel values Pij

Divide Is into 8 × 8 blocks

Apply DCT in each block, Puv

Generate an 8 × 8 quantization table, Qt

Quantize each block by Puv /Qt and round them, Quv

Find DC values by Quv Quv((u*8)-7, (v*8)-7) and binarize

Extracting from LSB:

for each Quv

Extract the LSBs from Quv to find modified text, Mc

end for

Find cover image pixel values, Cij

AES encrypted message, MAES = Cij ♁ Mc

Apply AES decryption on MAES to get original message M