Focused areas for promotion, upgrading, and progress monitoring

ICT connectivity and access

Broadband connectivity

Mobile phone coverage

Cost and quality competition among ICT products and services providers

ICT usage

Use by individual; use by business; and use by government

Incentives to promote ICT usage by the poor, rural communities, and SMEs

ICT legal and regulatory framework

Telecommunications regulation

Spectrum frequency allocation

E-commerce laws (digital signatures, intellectual property laws, e-payment)

Cyber security laws and regulations

ICT trade tariff and regulations

Access to data and cross-border data transfer

Investment regulations

ICT production and trade

ICT-enabled services and ICT content provision

SMEs in the ICT sector (financing, investment, and capacity building)

Innovation and R&D in the ICT sector

e-market places

Special industrial parks/zones/villages for ICT sector development (such as software, high-tech, call centers)

ICT skills and human resources

ICT skills in primary and secondary schools

ICT graduates and programs at universities and vocational schools

Training projects to enhance the ICT workforce

Incentives for private sector companies to organize/support ICT capacity building

Cyber security

Minimization of vulnerability to cyber-attacks

National cyber security exercise programs

Emergency response to cyber-attack plans

New ICT applications

Smart city development

Big data analysis

Internet of things