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11D spacetime

original 11D membrane universe

large and connected

attachment space for rest mass

4D spacetime

original 4D inter-universal void

large and connected

detachment space for kinetic energy

10D spacetime

original 10D string brane

large and connected

attachment space for rest mass

oscillating D spacetime

the three oscillating branes between 10D and 4D

large and connected

dark energy when D = 4

1D 11th dimension interval space

interval space between the two string branes in 11D membrane bulk

orbifold interval space


6D rishon space

transformation from 10D spacetime to 4D spacetime by transforming 6D connected exterior space into 6D discrete interior rishon space

discrete trivalent twisted strand braids

space (TTT-VVV or TTV-TVV) of positron-neutrino or up-down quarks

3D Higgs space

the absorption of 4D inter-universal void by the 10D string brane

bound to all spaces

the space precursors of the transitional Higgs field and reverse Higgs field

1D Einstein time

11 D spacetime and 4D spacetime

bound to all spaces

all split spaces share the same time