Early Maladaptive Schemas


Basile et al., 2017

All schemas being higher in OCD vs healthy controls;

Correlations: association between OCD severity and Failure, Punitiveness, Subjugation, Social Isolation

Positive association between OCD severity and Punitive Parent

Kwak & Lee, 2015

Failure, Defectiveness/shame, Enmeshment, Social Isolation (vs HC, PAD)

Voderholzer et al., 2014

Failure, Punitiveness, Subjugation, Abandonment, Defectiveness/shame, Insufficient Self-control, Dependence, Vulnerability to harm (vs ED, CPD)

Vulnerable and Angry Child mode

Punitive and Demanding parent

Kim et al., 2014

All schemas being higher in OCD than in healthy controls

Atalay et al., 2008

Failure, Punitiveness, Defectiveness/shame,

Unrelenting standard, Subjugation, Social Isolation,

Vulnerability to harm, Emotional deprivation, Enmeshment, Entitlement, Approval-seeking

Lochner et al., 2005

Defectiveness/shame, Social Isolation, Subjugation, Mistrust/abuse, Emotional inhibition