Core Category: Social exclusion

People do not understand me

Seems like her husband is boasting to other people

He seems like an ideal husband because disability characteristics are difficult to recognize by other following only a short contact

It is difficult for other people to understand

The state of the husband in the family is not understood and the wife seems to be exaggerating

Her relatives do not understand

Relatives believe the family is not functioning because the wife’s efforts are insufficient

Counselor does not understand

Even if the wife consulted a counselor, the counselor may not understand her husband’s condition and her circumstances

Her friends do not understand

Even if the wife talks to friends, they do not understand her husband and they cannot understand her real point

Being blamed for not living up to the wife’s role

Own responsibility

It is the wife’s responsibility to suffer because she chose the husband

Blame for the wife who does not play the wife’s role

The wife is not playing her role so she is blamed for her family not doing well

Blamed as selfish

The wife feels a sense of incompatibility with her husband because she is expecting too much; she blames herself for being selfish

Core Category: Social inclusion

Finding peace of mind

Being devoted to parenting

Putting full effort into child rearing, not thinking only about the husband

Being devoted to social activities

Turning attention to social activities, not thinking only about the husband

Studying counseling

Learning counseling for self-healing

Studying folk medicine

From experiences that medical specialists cannot understand, studying folk medicine

Being saved by empathy from other people

Saved by friends who understand the situation

The wife feels saved by talking to someone who sympathizes with her closely

Saved by experts who understand the situation

The wife feels saved by an expert who recognizes and accepts her