Filled with a sense of loneliness

Feeling of a glass partition

Even though the wife and husband live together, they feel like they are separated by glass

Emotionally distant

The wife feels loneliness and conflict because of the things she wants to say are not conveyed

Serious holdout

Even if the wife is in trouble, her husband will not cooperate with her

Repressed emotion

Kill emotions

When the wife does not agree with her husband in her daily life, she endures and adapts to her husband

Ignore the painful truth

Even if there is something difficult about incompatibility with the husband, the wife endures it alone

Sacrifices her life

The wife will sacrifice herself to keep her family and work hard to the limit

Spiral of self-doubt

Impossible for husband to understand her feelings

The wife gives up on her husband’s intention to get to know her feelings and stops trying to make herself understood

Blaming herself

The wife blames herself because her family does not function well

Anger and anxiety

Misunderstanding that the husband’s behavior is malicious

The wife misunderstands that her husband is being malicious because of his bad behavior

No cooperation for the family

The husband cannot do any housework, and so the wife does not let him do the housework

Anxiety about responding to children

The wife feels uneasy about how her the husband’s contact with his children is not like a father’s

Corresponding ingenuity to husband

Exploring ways to convey her thoughts

Because her opinion is not quite transmitted to the husband, the wife explores other ways to convey her feelings

Explaining using concrete examples or logic

The wife devises ways to convey her meaning to her husband using concrete examples and logic

Writing on paper and telling

When spoken words do not convey well, the wife write them down on paper to tell him

Asks her husband what he can do

When the wife asks her husband to do something, she asks that he does jobs one at a time

Respects the husband’s persistence

The wife will try to respect her husband as much as she can if he is committed to what he cares about

Giving in

Living at her own pace

The wife is exhausted if she is with her husband, so she tries to maintain he own pace for life

Having no expectations of her husband

The wife does not have excessive expectations of her husband so as to remain calm

Thinking that is how a man behaves

Because the husband and wife are different, and the wife feels uncomfortable, she thinks that all men are like that