Commitment (n = 5)

Commitment helped me the most. I was thinking that I have been committed to so many people and how it will be to come someday and tell them that I started smoking. The group for me was the “grip” so as not to give in to the temptation, and the reference point, where I would be accountable in case of relapse.

Providing and receiving assistance (n = 5)

Particularly important was the help from the other members, through advices and ideas that I never had in my mind. I am charmed and satisfied with the idea that I can help and persuade other people to succeed.

Providing and receiving reinforcement (n = 5)

The positive reinforcement I received throughout the program both of the other team members and the consultant was something that particularly cheered me up, because I saw that my goal, that was quite difficult, and my effort were recognized and this strengthened me to continue. I have achieved the goal of quitting but the effort is not over yet. Now I fight daily for the goal of preservation. Thus, in my turn and seeing how important is strengthening, I also tried to reinforce the other group members respectively.

Feedback (n = 5)

The feedback from the other members of my team have strengthened my confidence when I felt that I am not making important steps and helped me thus to keep trying. It operated as a driving force.



Conversation (n = 6)

I think that it was the most important part of counselling. The discussion with people, unknown until a short time ago, for so important personal decisions, as smoking cessation, left very positive feelings to me.

Active involvement (n = 5)

The active involvement to exercises helped me to familiarize myself more easily, more quickly and effectively with the other team members.

Intrinsic motivation (n = 5)

The fact that I was internally motivated was the basis on which all the rest were built. Because of this I managed to work within the team and got things. I think if I was not motivated most likely the group should not help me at all.