2nd order


All exercises-activities (n = 4)

All the exercises gave us the opportunity for more interaction and discussion with the other members, something that strengthened the team building.

The visualization exercises (n = 1)

They helped us to imagine how it may be some future situations and how we might address them

Role playing (n = 1)

It was especially helpful that we entered into different roles and could understand thus the feelings of the others and also we could see things from a different perspective, which might help us.

The advice from other members (n = 2)

I applied all the advices of the other members to see what suits me and what not, and so I discovered new tricks.

The advice from the counselor (n = 2)

The advices from the counselor are the only things I implemented

Exchanging views―discussion (n = 6)

Exchanging views with the other members of the team were very helpful. I heard things that I had not ever thought, mainly about how to confront the difficulties