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Fabricated Dilemma

Brother and sister go on vacation and have sex

Two siblings are on their annual hiking holiday. While talking about their close relationship, they reveal that they have always wanted to experience having sex with each other. They try it out and both use contraceptives.

Severe consequence

After the holiday the brother and sister never speak to each other again, and the sister has been in therapy to deal with her psychological trauma.

No severe consequence

After the holiday the brother and sister never spoke of what they did, or told anyone. They remain as close as ever and still go on holiday together

Genuine Dilemma

Parents turn in their own children to the police for vandalism

Two teenage boys have been on the rampage for months, and have consistently damaged and defaced school property. In order to teach them a lesson, the parents of the two boys inform the police of the crimes they had committed.

Severe consequence

The two boys were later arrested, and sent to juvenile prison and never forgave their parents for turning them in. Parents felt guilty and ashamed of themselves.

No severe consequence

There was no evidence to convict the two boys. The boys were later able to understand why their parents did what they had to, and their behaviour improved.