% Local residents interviewed

General perceptions

88% Local residents interviewed

Most of the residents interviewed agree that more services are needed in order to increase tourism, and more investments are needed in the tourism infrastructure, such as information points, signage, public restrooms, and an expansion of the preventive medical system to cover health tourism establishments

73% Local residents interviewed

In the central area of Baños there is a need to control noise levels and air pollution caused by vehicular traffic, and one strategy to address this is to improve bicycle lanes and pedestrian traffic in urban areas. Also important is achieving adequate solid urban waste management and introducing a culture of waste reuse and recycling

69% Local residents interviewed

Local residents enjoy the many attractions within their own community and participate in local tourist activities within the town, and therefore more emphasis should be given to internal tourism, for instance by instituting discounts for Baños residents

47%. Local residents interviewed

A suggestion was made that prices should be regulated with clear policies and controls during holidays

41%. Local residents interviewed

The people interviewed do appreciate the concept of health and welfare tourism as a significant opportunity for economic growth with an added value for consumers and the community. They commented that more controls are needed on the part of the local government in terms of regulations and public health related to tourism operations

38%. Local residents interviewed

Interviewees proposed creating environmental education programs for tourism and too enhance customer experiences via formal and non-formal means