Publication of a notice concerning the project, during two consecutive weeks in a national circulation


The date and venue of the public hearing shall be publicitized at least one week prior to the meeting.

All oral or written presentations or manifestations

produced within the framework of the public participation process, presented to local bodies and/or to the proponent, up to 10 days before the revision period of the Simplified

Environmental Study (SES) or of the EIA will be

registered and will be considered in the decision of the Technical



provided that they are related to the environmental

impacts of the


Produce an

advertisement in the official and local language in a

national coverage radio station at least once per week during two consecutive weeks.

On the conclusion of the public hearing, the presiding officer shall comply a report of the views presented at the public hearing and submit the report to the Director General within fourteen days from the date of completion of the public hearing.

At least three public meetings shall be held. The notices shall be sent out with at least one week prior notice before the meetings.

Are there

provisions on the deadlines for presenting

appeals against a decision?

Yes. The deadlines are as follows:



Yes. The appeal must be presented within a maximum of 30 days counted from the date of presentation of the notice of the

intention to file an appeal.


Varies for each Member State.

・ 14 days-For the promoter to appeal against NEMA’s decision concerning the obligation to carry out an EIA;

The Minister, MEC or delegated body of the State, as

appropriate, may, in writing, extend the deadline for filing an appeal.

・ 60 days (After the date of the decision)-for any person who disagrees or whose interests are affected by the decision of NEMA, as to whether or not approve an EIA, may appeal in the Court.