The EIA Authority will issue its final opinion concerning the EIA up to 3 months after

reception of the EIA Report.

・ Pre-assessment -up to 8 working days;

・ decision to grant or refuse Environmental Authorization 45 days;

・ Terms of

・ Reference-up to 15 working days;

・ must in writing grant or refuse authorization in respect of all or part of the activity-10 days.

・ SES-up to 30 working days.

The deadlines are counted from the date of registration of the entry of

documentation to the competent authority, and are interrupted



information is

requested and resumed after such information has been duly resented by the proponent.

In exceptional

circumstances, the Minister for

Coordination of

Environmental Affairs, on the basis of a duly well-grounded

proposal presented by DNEIA or DPCA, may extend the established deadlines in

accordance with the specific characteristics of each case.

Are there

provisions on public

consultation deadlines?






Varies for each Member State.

The EIA Authority, up to 14 days after reception of the EIA Report, shall invite the general public to make oral or written comments in relation to the report.

The Council shall within thirty days of receipt of an


Impact Statement decide whether or not to convene a public hearing for purposes of

collecting submission a comments on the proposed project or undertaking.

The convocation for a public audience or consultation shall be made public at least 15 days prior to the meeting, using the appropriate means for the respective publication.

The public consultation shall be carried out during a period of at least five days and no more than 10 days. At the end of the period set for the public

consultation, a succinct report will be drawn up, within the following 8 days, specifying the

diligent proceedings

taken, the participation recorded and the

conclusions to be drawn.