Which body or bodies are responsible for revision of the EIA Report?

The Ministry, departments, state companies or local authority with management and control functions of the environment or natural resources, in collaboration with NEMA.

The NEMC may create inter-sectorial consultative committees, at the national level and, when suitable, at the level of the Local Government Authority in order to provide advice during revision of the EIA report.


DEAT or an

expert in the area.

In practice, EIA reviews have been carried out by technicians from the Ministry of the Environment/ National Directorate for Prevention and Assessment of


Impacts and/or

experts in the field.

Varies for each Member State. n

The committees must be constituted by at least 12 specialists, in order to guarantee multidisciplinarity.

The TEC is

constituted by (always an uneven number of


The inter-sectorial consultative

committees may,

subject to approval from NEMC’s


incorporate other

persons necessary for their correct


・ a representative of the DNEIA, who will chair the Committee;

The minimum quorum necessary for holding a meeting of the

committee is 2/3.

・ a representative of the Ministry responsible for the area of the proposed activity;

On the basis of the NEMC’s

recommendations, the Minister will issue his decision.

・ a representative of FUNAB;

・ a representative of the local authority for the area where the activity is located, if the proposed location for implementation of the activity has been authorised in this territory;

・ Other representatives of environmental government bodies, teaching institutions or research centres;