Description [Unity]

Scheduled profile to be injected to the grid [kW]

Power injected to the grid [kW]

Measured PV power [kW]

Forecasted PV power [kW]

Installed PV power capacity [kWp]

Storage power [kW] (>0 charge, <0 discharge)

Storage power exchanged with the AC bus

Maximal power in discharge [kW]

Maximal power in charge [kW]

Imbalance power [kW]

Amount of energy dedicated to evening peak [kWh]

Estimated total energy produced by PV plant [kWh]

Parameter to be estimated

Parameter to be estimated

Maximum usable storage capacity [kWh]

Min. energy storage level [%]

Max. energy storage level [%]

Efficiency of storage in charge

Efficiency of storage in discharge

Electricity selling price

Electricity buying price


Daily fault rate

Cumulated time of faulty condition [minute]