Political Motivations

Internal impulses

Internal dissatisfaction; Systemic collapse;

Incentives for promotion &power enhancement

Willingness to make a difference

External impulses

Economic change/competition

Political change; Negative external evaluation

Political capacity of policymakers

Organizing; Decision-making; Critical thinking; Foreseeing

Knowledge Motivations

Value of knowledge

Scarcity and irreplaceability, Pertinence, actionable; Comprehensiveness, Feasibility, Timeliness; Presentation,

Validity and Reliability

design, sampling, integration of research process

Knowledge capacity of policymakers

Retrieval; Absorb; Preserve; Interpret; Synthesize and Integrate; Problem-Solving;

Individual knowledge preference

attitude toward research results; Motivation of using research results

Environment Influences and KMb Efforts

Dissemination strategies and channels


Commissioned investigations and projects;

official hearings, service on governmental panels, comments on policy drafts; suggestion letters to policymakers


News releases; opinion leaders; media interviews; Professional training for policymakers; Co-supervision of postgraduates, etc.

KMb strategies

products, events and networks

Websites, publications, Lectures, conferences seminars, Symposia, exhibitions. etc.

Scholar source

Type of the Research Institutes; Research reputation; Geographic location

Previous collaborations

Frequency of Person-to-person contact; frequency of other contacts

Policy-making process

Extent of control; institutionalization of process