Example sentence


move from one place to another

It’s late. I have to be going.

(of time) pass or elapse

Time goes so fast.

intend or be likely

I’m going to be late for work.


direct one’s gaze in a specified direction

He looked at her.

regard in a specified way

There is another way of looking at this issue.

have the appearance or give the impression of being

He looks tired.


time as allotted, available, or used

You waste too much time.

an instance of something happening or being done

They heard the gospel for the first time.

a moment or definite portion of time

The probable meeting time will be 7:00 p.m.


carry or bring with one

Let me take your coat.

possess, buy

He took the Nobel Prize in 2003.

perform an action

taking a nap

require of using up

He took 7 years to decide to marry me.


receive, hold

They got a tiger by the tail.


I’ll get this one. Put it on my card.

move or travel

getting home

change or cause to reach a specified state or condition

I get myself ready for school.

succeed in attaining, achieving, or experiencing

They’re glad to get the opportunity to work here.


possess or own things

I had a carrier bag in my pocket.

used to indicate a particular relationship

My brother has two children.

possessed by a human (a quality, characteristic, or feature)

The child has dark hair and blue eyes.

eat or drink

Have another drink.


Did you have a good time tonight?

be strongly recommended to do something

You have to come and see us.

be used as the perfect tense

They have just finished a report.