Learning Activities

Main Objectives

About 20 minutes

Review & Overview

1) To conduct a quick review of the

previous class

2) To provide a quick overview of the

current class

To reinforce learning of threshold

theoretical concepts and frameworks

About 40 minutes

Talent Showcase

Pre-assigned students known as “Talent of the Day” will discuss a chosen business case study facilitated by the instructor

To allow students to showcase their self-learning of theoretical concepts and frameworks by applying these to the information gathered from the


About 10 minutes

Mid-seminar Break

To rejuvenate and reenergize

About 45 minutes

Team Showdown

Showdown Team will guide other teams in answering the questions generated by the Team itself

To facilitate collaborative knowledge acquisition and sharing

About 45 minutes

Team Showoff

Showoff Team will present their findings on the sustainability efforts of two business corporations

To facilitate collaborative knowledge acquisition and sharing

About 20 minutes


The instructor will provide a quick review of the class

To reinforce learning

24 hours

after each class

Online Knowledge Communities

Students will motivate others to learn by discussing issues of interest, voicing their opinions, providing novel insights, or

asking probing questions

To encourage genuine conversations and engagement with others