Samples of qualitative feedback from students

2012, Fall Sem.

・ Methods of teaching and recapping were creative.

・ All the slides and lessons were uploaded at the start of the semester, showing the extensive planning and preparation that was done beforehand.

2012, Spring Sem.

・ Lessons were always interesting and she did not spoon-feed us with answers, but rather, kept us searching for more.

・ Interesting and fun lessons. Concepts and importance of preserving the environment presented in fun ways through presentations. Assignments enabled me to delve deeper into the current environmental and sustainability issues faced by companies.

2013, Fall Sem.

・ Interesting teaching style that focused more on student’s peer learning.

・ Through the course, I learnt a lot more on environmental sustainability and it made me much more interested in this area of study. Overall, the different activities also encouraged active participation. This is especially so for the talent showcase, where “talent” of the week would engage in a discussion on the week’s topics. The class is not only informative, but also extremely enjoyable!

2013, Spring Sem.

・ The class discussions and projects helped us analyze various companies and their sustainability initiatives to assess if they were truly sustainable or not.

・ A very well put together and engaging course that helped me develop my understanding on key environmental issues and their implications for business.

2014, Fall Sem.

・ Interesting lesson plan, made sure every student contributed and participated in the seminars. Made the module more meaningful and useful for us.

・ I came out of lessons feeling more “enlightened”.

2014, Spring Sem.

・ Lessons were interesting as they were interactive and engaging. I learnt to be more critical when analyzing issues.

・ Used a wide variety of examples and videos related to the topics in business sustainability.