Placement at university

In Poland, a selection of scientific subjects for the final secondary school exams is

a requirement for placement at university.

Duration of studies

In Poland, education currently lasts one year longer than in Germany. Germany:

12 semesters including internship year, Poland: 12 semesters + 1-year internship.

Contents of studies

Identical in Germany and Poland. In Polish education regulations, the contents

are presented in a very detailed manner. Requirements of EU

Directive 36/2005/EC are complied with.


Studies in Poland are only possible at state-run institutions due to concerns of

compromising quality at private institutions; in Germany there are private


In Poland, students, who do not receive regular placement by means of the

selective process, can participate in studies for a fee. Thus, the number of students

is increased without burdening the state budget.

In Poland, it is possible to study in the English language for a fee.

Special medical education

In Germany, this depends on the state. In Poland, central control via the CMKP

(Centre for Medical Education).

Duration and contents are similar.

Percentage of women

In Poland, the percentage of women in the medical profession has been constant

for many years at approx. 58 per cent. In Germany, the percentage of women is

approx. 45 per cent, which triggered a debate regarding the feminisation of the

medical profession.