Education to be completed



Inpatient basic training in the field of internal medicine

36 months, of which 18 months can be credited in the fields of direct

patient care (as well as 3 month

periods) even in an outpatient


51 weeks/12 months

§ Introduction to internal medicine 4 weeks

§ Internal medicine 21 weeks

§ Pediatrics 21 weeks

§ Surgery 3 weeks

§ Obstetrics/gynaecology 2 weeks

Internships can also be performed in an outpatient environment

Elective internships


16 weeks/4 months, 4 × 4 weeks

12 departments/specialisations are available for selection in the training regulation

Training in outpatient

general practitioner care

24 months, of which 6 months in can be credited in surgery (as well as 3 month periods)

95 weeks/24 months

Specialisation courses

80 hours of course training pursuant to § 4 Section 8 in basic psychosomatic care

13 weeks

Total time

5 years

4 years