Group Sessions

Purpose (Goals)

Content (Activities)


I. Investigation and Examination of Social Justice Principles

1. Beginnings

2. Knowledge

Create safe environment for students to share and explore social justice issues; provide foundation of knowledge on social justice

Familiarize members with group process; establish curative factors; connect to social justice principles in curriculum unit

Classroom dialogue; ice breaking; Initial stage group work

II. Investigation, Examination, and Deconstruction of Societal Narratives about American Indians

3. Learning and Unlearning History

4. Facilitating Perspectives

Investigate and critique dominant US cultural, educational, and political narratives regarding American Indians

Critically examine and discuss history textbooks and sports media (newspapers, television, online columns, blogs); create scenarios to facilitate perspectives

Classroom dialogue; discourse analysis;

Transition stage group work

III. Synthesis and Application of Findings

5. Synthesis and Planning

6. Presenting Projects

Define and study a problem based on themes discovered in Phase I and II; create presentations to share with fellow group members for feedback and support

Plan for social justice project; implement findings; create own unique format to present ideas to fellow students

Oral presentation; technology use; Working stage group work

IV. Future Applications of Social Justice Skills

7. Processing Projective Applications of Project

8. Termination

Develop action plan to address issues; facilitate connection of learning from group to external world; provide closure to group members

Provide feedback and support to fellow group members; discuss ways to implement social justice principles in future endeavors; terminate group process

Support building; networking, Termination stage group work