Fuel cell features


Active cell area

25 cm2

Type of polymer electrolyte membrane

DuPont™ Nafion® N115

Membrane thickness

127 µm

Type of gas diffusion layer

EC-CC1-060T—carbon cloth wet-proofed with Teflon®

Thickness = 0.11 mm; ElectroChem Inc.

Catalyst composition and loading

Sieve Printing—EKRA model E-1—application of the catalyst layer to the surface of the gas diffusion layer

Type of flow field plate


(including penetrations for resistance thermometers PT100 of 3 mm diameter and for tubular resistances of 5 mm)

Flow field configuration

Serpentine type

Plate dimensions

9.5 cm × 9.5 cm × 1.2 cm

Type of current collector plate

Copper treated surface finished with gold

Gasket type

Fibreglass cloth wet-proofed with Teflon®

Cell heater

Tubular resistance with 5 mm diameter (60 W)


IPEN-CNEN/SP and Electrocell