Component names

Technical specification of components

Wind Turbine

Output voltage: 12/24 V Power: 600 W - Max Power: 750 W

Vcut-in = 3 m/s Vcut-out = 25 m/s

Solar Panel

Power: 190 W Type: Monocyrstal

Efficiency: %17.75 Max. Power voltage: 37.08 V

Max. Power current: 5.12 A Open voltage circuit: 44.48 V

Short circuit current: 5.54 A Working temperature scale: 40˚C/+85˚C

Charging Controller

600 W RT/600 W PV 24 V charge control unit

WT and PV voltage and current monitoring

Instant data transfer in LCD screen

Battery Bank

Battery voltage: 12 V Battery capacity: 100 Ah Type: Gel-type battery


Power: 3 kW Instantaneous power: 6 kW Efficiency: >85% Type: Full sinus

Control Box

It includes battery bank, charge control unit, inverter and other electronic circuit.

LED Armature

Power: 40 W Lumen: 3000 lm Input voltage: 12 V Working frequency: 47 - 63 HZ Working temperature: −30˚C/40˚C Working efficiency: >90%