Hadoop based master/slave architecture that utilizes Least Reliable Agent (LRA) algorithm for data leakage prevention and Reliability Checker (RC) and Data Leakage Avoider (DLA) algorithms to prevent

allocation of data to the less reliable and suspected leakage nodes.

Effectively reduces the data leakage.

The purpose of this study is descriptive.



Proposed a hybrid framework for data leakage detection and


Effectively identifies the insider attacks and anomalous behavior.

This research work fails to show in detail the anomaly-based techniques adopted.

2017 [9]

Proposed BROSMAP: A Novel Broadcast Based Secure Mobile Agent Protocol for Distributed Service Applications.

The proposed system provides protection from man in the middle, replay, repudiation, and modification attacks.

The application does not incorporate a trust model to help users evaluate the honesty and behavior of service providers.

2018 [10]

Proposed a data leakage prevention method based on the reduction of confidential and context terms for smart mobile devices.

It presents a pruning method based on the attribute reduction method of rough set theory.

Does not provide sufficient solution against intentional leakages.

2019 [11]

Proposed an agent based information security framework for hybrid cloud computing.

The results confirm that proposed framework could be used for information security in cloud computing environment.

No proper evaluation was carried out to check for the validity and reliability of the proposed framework.