Applying the IoT Platform and Green Wave Theory to Control Intelligent Traffic Lights System for Urban Areas in Vietnam

Cao Tho Phan, Duy Duong Pham, Hoang Vu Tran, Trung Viet Tran and Phat Nguyen Huu (2019)

1) A method of implementing the framework for a network of arterial roads common in large cities.

2) A real-world evaluation in a dynamic urban setting should be conducted to assess the system’s reliability and effectiveness.


Software Defined Network—Based Control System for an Efficient Traffic Management for Emergency Situations in Smart Cities

Albert Rego, Laura Garcia, Sandra Sendra, Jaime Lloret (2018)

IoT networks could benefit from the addition of cameras or other detection systems, and the SDN network could benefit from the addition of a detection system.


Internet of Things Network Cognition and Traffic Management System

Abida Sharif, Jian Ping Li, Muhammad Irfan Sharif (2018)

IoT algorithms should be implemented in big data and IoT security systems.


An Innovation Model for Smart Traffic Management System Using Internet of Things (IoT)

Amardeep Das, Prasant Dash and Brojo Kishore Mishra (2018)

The proposed model, which is intelligent and future-oriented, uses transportation scheduling methods to identify the packages of interventions that can better achieve goals.


IoT-Based Traffic Management System for Ambulances

Mohammad Moazum Wani, Samiya Khan, Mansaf Alam

Sensor-based patient data collection modules and the planned system’s integration.


An IoT-VANET—Based Traffic

Management System for Emergency

Vehicles in a Smart City

Lucy Sumi and Virender Ranga (2018)

Managing traffic protection against cyber-attacks or other malicious intent can be a difficult job.