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Development of the Flexible Traffic Control System Using the Lab View and Thing Speak.

Anatoliy Sachenko, Maciej Dobrowolski, Oleksandr Osolinskyi, Volodymyr Kochan, Pavlo Bykovyy (2020)

The analysis of function separation between the microcomputer and the cloud in order to choose the best set of functions for each device component.


Intelligent Design and Implementation

of Blockchain and Internet of Things—

Based Traffic System.

Qilei Ren, Ka Lok Ma, Muqing Li,

Bingjie Gao and Jieming Ma (2019)

How to boost the efficiency of running a blockchain- based system on a low-power embedded system, and how to address the shortcomings of blockchain smart contracts that could improve the system’s expandability.


Implementation of IoT Based Intelligent Transportation System

Arun. V and Dr. M. Poongothai (2018)

It considers adding other sensors to the mobile propagation node, such as proximity sensors at college transportation stops and in the passenger seat, and connecting them to the Internet of Things. Using the Big Data approach, it will also be important to develop models for analyzing data that the monitoring system offers.


A vehicular Network—Based Intelligent Transport System for Smart Cities

Tayyaba Zaheer, Asad Waqar Malik, Anis Ur Rahman, Ayesha Zahir and Muhammad Moazam Fraz (2019)

To test a hybrid solution that combines the use of RSUs and/or a central server to store traffic data using the Internet and physical infrastructure.


IoT Based Intelligent Transportation

System (IoT-ITS) for Global

Perspective: A Case Study

S. Muthuramalingam, A. Bharathi, S. Rakesh kumar, N. Gayathri, R. Sathiyaraj and B. Balamurugan (2019)

In the current road situation, to deal with the applied energy conservation process in ITS and the efficiency scheme.


An IoT based Intelligent Traffic Congestion Control System for Road Crossings

Pampa Sadhukhan, Firoj Gazi (2018)

The output of this proposed congestion management system will be evaluated using a test bed.