MPAI-4 Abilities Items



Problems walking or moving; balance problems that interfere with moving about

Use of hands

Impaired strength or coordination one or both hands


Problems seeing; double vision; eye, brain, or nerve injuries that interfere with seeing


Problems hearing; ringing in the ears


Feeling unsteady, dizzy, light-headed

Motor speech

Abnormal clearness or rate of speech; stuttering

Verbal communication

Problems expressing or understanding language

Nonverbal communication

Restricted or unusual gestures or facial expression; talking too much or not enough; missing nonverbal cues from others


Problems ignoring distractions, shifting attention, keeping more than one thing in mind at a time


Problems learning and recalling new information

Fund of Information

Problems remembering information learned in school or on the job; difficulty remembering information about self and family from years ago

Novel problem solving

Problems thinking up solutions or picking the best solution to new problems

Visuospatial abilities

Problems drawing, assembling things, route-finding, being visually aware on both the left and the right sides