Population examined


Misuse rate

Patients in an ADHD treatment center


545 patients; with/without ADHD- diagnosis, with short- or long-acting stimulant medication and/or abuse of these agents and/or use of illegal or illicit stimulants; aged 13 or older; private ADHD treatment center in a suburb of Richmond, Virginia

(data collection: unknown)

Bright, 2008 [49]

Lifetime prevalence: 14.3% general stimulants, of this number 25.9% MPH

Adults with prescription for methylphenidate


66 adults with prescription for MPH; aged 18 or older (data collection: 2004/2005)

Darredeau et al., 2007 [50]

Lifetime prevalence: 29%


42 psychology students with a prescription for Ritalin or Adderall; large northeastern university; mean age: 20.7 (data collection: unknown)


et al., 2011 [51]

Lifetime prevalence: 45% general stimulants, of this number 31% MPH