Aspects of Children Road Safety Culture

Assessment Criteria


Awareness of decision-makers and politicians of Children Road Safety

Goals, policies, targets, objectives on children road safety


National road safety body

Safety Lobbying

Road safety lobbying including children road safety lobbying

Involvement of international road safety research organizations

Non government organizations concerned with children road safety

Safety Research

National road safety research project including children safety

Other road safety research include studies on road & vehicle conditions, children and road-user behavior, traffic characteristics, legislation/enforcement

Children Road safety experts/academics


Developed highway standards covering in front of school features

Accident Management System

Children Accident reporting system

Quality & quantity of completed reporting forms

Maintenance of children accidents data-base

Dissemination of children accident data

Children Accident analysis system

Identification of children accidents locations

Identification of children victims patterns

Diagnosis of direct children accidents causes

Diagnosis of root children accidents causes

Identification of potential countermeasures

Costing of children road safety countermeasures

Valuation of children road accidents

Pre-evaluation of children road safety countermeasures

Post-evaluation of children road safety countermeasures


Inclusion of children accident reductions as benefits in highway appraisals


Road users’ respect of traffic rules (children and others)


Traffic legislation

Enforcement & Standards

Vehicle inspection

Driving test pass rate

Driving test theoretical part (Signs including school signs)

Driving test theoretical part (Highway Code including driving in front of schools)

Practical part of driving test include driving in front of schools

Special training for traffic police


High speed emergency service


Separate road safety syllabus for school education

Children traffic parks


Radio and television programs on children road safety

Children Road safety posters and leaflets

Coordination & Cooperation

Liaison between traffic police and road engineers

Children Road safety week