Gender and Age

Clinical presentation

Radiological findings

Fadouach et al. [7]

Case series of 8 patients between 1983-1995

Case series of 8 patient


Unilateral or bilateral renal artery stenosis.

Dardik et al. [8]


19‐year‐old female

Malignant hypertension

Severe proximal stenosis of the renal, celiac, and superior mesenteric arteries, and a thickened abdominal aorta.

Wolak et al. [9]


20‐year‐old female

Malignant hypertension

Narrowing of the left subclavian artery with collateral flow, unusually well-developed intercostal arteries, narrowing of the aorta from the superior mesenteric artery to the inferior mesenteric artery, and tight bilateral renal artery stenosis.

Zumrutdal et al. [10]


28‐year‐old female

Hypertensive urgency

Multiple severe stenoses or occlusions of the branches of the abdominal aorta and arcus aortae together with bilateral renal artery involvement.

Galesić et al. [11]


18‐year‐old female


Bilateral renal artery stenosis.

Moorthy et al. [12]


24‐year‐old female

Malignant hypertension

Abdominal aorta documented dissection of abdominal aorta arising at the level of sub diaphragm extending up to the right common iliac artery. It also demonstrated the intimal tear below the level of renal arteries.

Borazan et al. [13]


19‐year‐old female

Hypertensive emergency

Stenosis of left renal artery and arterial wall thickening among the aorta were detected.

Hassani et al. [14]


16‐year‐old female

Malignant hypertension

Occlusion of both subclavian arteries occlusion of left renal artery and thickening and narrowing of the sub-renal abdominal aortic wall.

Horino et al. [15]


82‐year‐old female

Chronic hypertension with progressive renal dysfunction

Thickening and enhancement in the ascending, thoracic descending, and abdominal aorta and its branches, and the carotid, subclavian, and renal arteries.

Tsuchida et al. [16]


18‐year‐old female

Hypertension, metabolic alkalosis and nephrotic range proteinuria

Right renal artery stenosis.

Vargas‐Hitos et al. [17]


32‐year‐old female

Malignant hypertension

Bilateral renal artery stenosis with significant abdominal aortic stenosis.

Delles C et al. [18]


35‐year‐old female

Anuria in solitary kidney

Occlusion of the renal artery.

Dasari et al. [19]


72‐year‐old female

Hypertension and anuria in solitary kidney

Severe renal artery stenosis.

Yadla et al. [20]


30‐year‐old female

Hypertension and anuria

Narrowing of the aorta below the origin of inferior mesenteric artery till the bifurcation, and the renal arteries could not be visualized.