Emission Source

Nature of Pollutant



a) Gas flaring

b) Oil spill vapour

c) Venting

d) Fugitives

Heat radiation noxious emissions, Hazardous air pollutants (HAPs)

Thermal conduction, air pollution, noise, air pollution

Heavy industries

a) Cooling towers

b) Separators

c) Boilers

d) Burners

e) Venting

HC & VOC vapours HAPs, acid precursors, flue gas, particulates

Air pollution, vibration, acid rain

Other industries

a) Foundries

b) Solvents

c) Vapours

d) Fuels

e) Feedstock

Noxious gases, HAPs

Odour, health effects like carcinogenic

Power plants

Over six gas fired thermal plants exist.

HC, noxious gases, CO2, particulates

Greenhouse-gas, air pollution

Automobiles, marine vessels and machines

a) Exhausts

b) Leaks

c) Wearing of tyres breaks, etc.

HC, noxious gases, CO2, particulates, PAHs

Bodily irritation, smoke, noise

Other activities

a) Construction

b) Agriculture

c) Domestic sources

Methane, dust and particulates, noxious gases, etc.

Visibility, dust, etc.