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(Barrow, 1977; Cyert, 2006; Plsek & Wilson, 2001)


Leadership is a skill used to influence followers in an organization to work enthusiastically towards goals specifically identified for the common good of all stakeholders

By “a skill” means that it is enough for a leader to possess and demonstrate freely just one leadership element


Samantha Cohen

co-founder, Neon Bandits

Leadership is about playing to strengths and addressing weaknesses in the most productive and efficient way possible. It's about knowing your team and yourself, and doing your best job to set both up for success

Leadership is more than management of strengths, weaknesses, people and self. What about opportunities and threats?


Jordan French

founding CMO, BeeHex, Inc. 3D Food Printing,

Leadership is serving the people that work for you by giving them the tools they need to succeed. Your workers should be looking forward to the customer and not backwards, over their shoulders, at you. It also means genuine praise for what goes well, leading by taking responsibility early and immediately if things go bad

Leadership should be more than serving, praise and taking responsibility


Darcy Eikenberg

Founder, RedCapeRevolution.com

A leader is someone who has the clarity to know the right things to do, the confidence to know when she’s wrong, and the courage to do the right things even when they're hard

Leadership should be more than clarity, confidence and courage