Type of Mechanism

Mechanism Description

Leadership Elements Pass on as viewed by the researcher


CIE Boot camp Events and Awards

Events whereby students create a business idea and compete with peers before a panel.

Entrepreneurship (risk taking), visionary, creativity and motivation


STUGA Government

STUGA stands for Student Government Association. The students are elected into positions of administering students’ affairs over duration of one year period.

Visionary, Serving, Managing, empathy and team building


EOC Hour

EOC is Economic of Communion, a moment of prayer and sharing economic and spiritual values with others

Team building and improving


CUIB Talent Academy

An academy ground for students and pupils to demonstrate their talents.

Creativity and Visionary


CUIB Sports and Talent Academy

Students are grouped according to their talents and interests in various sporting activities and successful players get calls up in the Cameroon Youth or National teams or foreign basketballs teams etc.

Improving, creativity and thoroughness


CUIB Campus Church

CUIB is graciously blessed with a campus Catholic Church parish called Campus Cristo. The church welcomes students, staff, faculty and their dependents on weekends and occasional week days where there are trained, thought, preached and shared Christian moral values and Catholic universal beliefs by a Campus based Priests. The dedicated Campus Priest would counsel students on spiritual and acceptable societal ethical moral values and this act as a relief for students and builds confidence and trust within students.

Serving, team building and motivation


CUIB Trade Fair

Annually CUIB CIE (Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship) organized two weeks business trade fair event. This event is opened to students and the general public with business activities to hire Campus shops and employer fellow students as volunteers.

Risk taking, serving, team building, Vision and Motivation


Student Volunteers Hours Program

Included as a semester course is the student volunteerism program. These permit students to work in Campus and out campus unpaid hours where working attitude and professional ethics are passed on to students.

Serving, team building