Superordinate theme


Literature support of theme

Key quote from a participant

Commitment to the growth of people (RQ1)

1. Reading and study

Individual growtha

Lynn: His teaching was very academic. He gave me a huge book and said “here read this”.

2. Ability to ask questions

Specialized growthb

Pat: I asked him questions and he would try to answer my questions. I didn’t know enough to ask good questions.

3. Steering and guidance

Spiritual growthb

Chris: I would give credit to the … the camp by giving me guidance. Steering me into balance.

Empowering and developing people (RQ2)

1. Unity and teamwork

Inclusion and learningc

Jordan: I do think that I can work with a variety of people. I value unity and sticking together.

2. Need to be seen and esteem

Grow and progressd

Lynn: You have to be seen. To be a good leader, you have to be seen by your people where they are. But they need to see you because then they know you care.

3.Providing a place to serve


Terry: I always try to help a new Christian and finding a place to serve. I use serving as a discipleship tool.

Providing direction (RQ2)

1. Always be available to help


Pat: The fact is, is that He is saying here “Tend my Lambs” because there are a lot of young believers. Feeding is teaching.



Riley: I always thought I was an encourager but the results were that I was a teacher.

3. Set the example

New approachesb

Pat: I think Servant Leadership is being able to set the example. When it comes to giving, we should set the example in giving, when it comes to working with people, you set the example. A leader needs to set the example.