Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership (Kouzes & Posner, 2007)

Transformative Leadership in HE (Astin & Astin, 2000)

Effective University Department Leadership (Bryman, 2007)

Model the Way

・ Establish principles on treating people

・ Establish principles for pursuing goals

・ Set standards of excellence

・ Set interim goals and quick wins

・ Unravel bureaucracy

・ Signpost the way to go

・ Create opportunities for success

・ Self-knowledge

・ Authenticity/integrity

・ Acting as a role model and having credibility

・ Being considerate

・ Treating academic staff fairly and with integrity

・ Being trustworthy and having personal integrity

Inspire a Shared Vision

・ Belief that one can make a difference

・ Envision the future with a unique image

・ Enlist others in these dreams

・ Breathe life into the vision

・ Get people to see exciting possibilities

・ Shared Purpose

・ Competence

・ Clear sense of direction/strategic vision

・ Preparing department arrangements to facilitate the direction set

・ Communicating well about the direction the department is going

Challenge the Process

・ Seek opportunities to make changes

・ Innovate to improve the organisation

・ Experiment and take risks

・ Accept mistakes, disappointments and failures as opportunities to learn.

・ A learning environment

・ Disagreement with respect

・ Advancing the department’s cause with respect to constituencies internal and external to the university and being proactive in doing so

Enable others to Act

・ Foster collaboration

・ Build team spirit

・ Actively involve others

・ Collaboration

・ Division of labour

・ Creating a positive and collegial work atmosphere in the department

・ Allowing the opportunity to participate in key decisions/encouraging open communication

Encourage the Heart

・ Keep hope and determination alive

・ Recognise individuals’ contributions

・ Share rewards within the team

・ Celebrate accomplishments

・ Make people feel like heroes

・ Commitment

・ Empathy/understanding of others

・ Providing feedback on performance

・ Making academic appointments that enhance department’s reputation

・ Providing resources for adjusting workloads to stimulate scholarship and research