Give a cautious overall interpretation of results considering objectives, limitations, multiplicity of analyses, results from similar studies, and other relevant evidence

From the study, the national attitudes towards homosexuality in general are changing from ambivalence to focused activism and agitation against homosexuality on one hand and acceptance on the other hand. Homosexuality and lesbian practices are prevalent in all socio-economic classes and ages of society. The study revealed that pornography and other sex media are accepted as part of the sexual repertoire of Ghanaian society.

This is confirmed by findings by Parker & Bhugra (2000) , which indicated that, there are homophobic tendencies among medical professionals, and the fact that communication between patients and doctors are strained in the face of HIV and AIDs (pages 4 and16).



Discuss the generalisability (external validity) of the study results.

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Dr. Ishmael Norman financed the collection of the data with his own private funds. There is no conflict with other parties in terms of funding.