Complete skin disinfection would “require the penetration of disinfectant throughout the whole pilosebaceous canal”



Sebum production follows a defined circadian pattern

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Temperature can influence the degree of drug deposition in the hair follicle.


Drug depletion in the hair follicle is a slow processes and can either go deeper by penetration into deeper tissue layers or by flowing out of the follicle with the sebum production


Penetration of substances into the follicle can be increased when massage is applied.


As much as 25% of the cutaneous bacterial population can be sequestered within the hair follicles


Bacterial biofilms have been observed in the deeper portion of the human hair follicle.


The “swab method” for bacterial culture only identifies bacterial colonies at the level of the superficial stratum corneum.


Large biofilm-like macro colonies have been observed in the deep part of the hair follicle.


Certain topicals could be detected for up to 4 days in a follicle after delivery.