Operating conditions

Main findings


Effects of moisture content, torrefaction temperature, and die temperature in pilot scale pelletizing of torrefied Norway spruce

・ moisture content: 11% - 15%

・ torrefaction temperature:

・ 270˚C - 300˚C

・ die temperature :60˚C - 105˚C

・ bulk densities: 630 - 710 kg/m3

・ at too high moisture contents, other problems such

as low bulk density and feeding problems predominate

・ pellet moisture contents were decided by torrefaction temperatures, and not by ingoing material moisture contents

・ working at high die temperatures is a promising alternative


Implications of fuel moisture content and distribution on the fuel purchasing strategy of biomass cogeneration power plants

・ assuming the fuel cost followed by detailed engineering design, project cost estimation and economic analysis

・ developing mathematical models of fuel cost incorporating various fuel parameters and power plant operating parameters

・ the maximum affordable fuel cost depend on the fuel moisture content, area-base annual availability, the required financial return, size of the power plant, and the operation of the power plant


Effect of initial moisture content on the yields of oily products from pyrolysis of biomass

・ size range : 0.180 - 0.250 mm

・ heating :298 - 825 K

・ dried samples (0% moisture), air

・ dried samples, wet samples and in nitrogen medium

・ yields of total oily products increased with

increasing pyrolysis temperature

・ presence of moisture influenced significantly the thermal degradation degrees of the biomass samples during pyrolysis due to quenching


Effects of compressive force, particle size and moisture content on mechanical properties of biomass pellets from grasses

・ biomass samples compressed with five levels of compressive forces (1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 and 4400 N) and three levels of particle sizes (3.2, 1.6 and 0.8 mm) at two levels of moisture contents (12% and 15%) (wet basis)

compressive force, particle size and moisture content significantly affected the pellet density of barley straw, corn stover and switchgrass.

As moisture content of biomass increased, pellet density decreased.