Vulnerability determinant


Hypothesised functional relationship between indicator and vulnerability


Human development Index (HDI)

The higher the HDI the lower the vulnerability

Population living under $3.20 (%)

The higher the number % population living under $3.20, the higher the vulnerability

Literacy level (%)

The higher the literacy level the lower the vulnerability

Children under age of 5 years underweight (%)

The higher the % of under age children underweight the higher the vulnerability

Adaptive capacity

Irrigated arable land (%)

The higher the percentage irrigated arable land, the lower the vulnerability

Land management index

The higher the land management index the lower the vulnerability

Crop production index

The higher the crop production index, the lower the vulnerability

Access to electricity (%)

The higher the percentage of population that have access to electricity the lower the vulnerability

Mobile cellular subscription (%)

The higher the % cellular subscription the lower the vulnerability


Population exposed to drought, floods and extreme temp (%)

The higher the population exposed to extreme events the higher the vulnerability

Coefficient of variation in precipitation

The higher the co efficient of variation of precipitation the higher the vulnerability

Coefficient of variation in NDVI

The higher the coefficient of variation of NDVI the higher the vulnerability