Subject area

Allotted time


Purpose of the activity

Working strategy

Definition and principles of palliative care

35 min

From individual reflection, identify the notions that the students have about palliative care drawn from two analysis units

“Suffering” and “Palliative Care” were selected as analysis units. Three groups worked on “suffering” and the remaining four on “palliative care”. Each group had to select phrases or words that clearly represent the analysis unit

Ethical and legal aspects

20 min

Express arguments of an ethical and legal nature to analyze a case of a final phase of life

Report and analysis of a case

Psychosocial aspects and support networks

65 min

Explore notions about support networks, spirituality and family approach in palliative care

Case report and analysis

Communication in PC

60 min

Recognize the student’s capacity to communicate bad news to the patient, the caregiver and the family

Development of seven role games: imminent death; transfer to home with instrumental activities; alternative therapies at the end of life; urgent hospitalization re-entry due to uncontrolled symptoms; palliative sedation; denial to palliative care; and diagnostic certainty

Identification and management of symptoms

215 min

Recognize the understandings of the symptoms that represent palliative needs, their means of assessment, possible interventions and evaluation of the health outcome

Reports A and B billboard activities

Identification of capabilities to take on specific skills

30 min

Identify skills for which the students consider they have the capacity to take on

Analysis of disciplinary skills and select those they consider to have the capacity to develop