7 (Uduji et al., 2019)

Contribution of CSR to the advancement of young Africans

· Complete the research with the gender position. (7)

8 (Horng et al., 2018)

CSR practices

· Use more cultural criteria in the search to identify suitable CSR activities. (8)

· Expand the research to other cultures, countries, ethnicities. (8)

· Examine the influence of external and internal organizations. (8)

9 (Tuan, 2018)

Roles of CSR in the environment

· Replicate the research model with more objective measures and generalize it to other industries. (9)

· Replace the model with other variables (e.g., green entrepreneurship). (9)

10 (Park et al., 2017)

CSR and systematic risk

· Enhance the construct validity of CSR measurement. (10)

· Replicate the research in restaurants in another country and privately held restaurants in the US. (10)

· Broaden the study to other tourism and hospitality sectors. (10)

· Use other relevant theories other than stakeholder theory and organizational learning theory. (10)