Measurement Indicator


Shen B, Hu Y F(2018) [9]

Forum points, registration days, posts

Core users, active contributing users, passive contributing users, social users, information acquisition users, silent users

Guo W, Zheng Q (2017) [10]

Creation Number, Population Degree, Influence Degree

Project leader, active designer, generalist, communicator, passive designer, observer.

Qi G J, Li Y Y (2016) [11]

Ideas-submitted, Ideas-points, Comments-submitted, Comments-received

Core users, active social users, glamorous social users, active and innovative users, effective innovative users, edge users

Füller, et al. (2014) [12]

Number of Ideas, Out-Degree Centrality, In-Degree Centrality

Socializer, Idea generator, Master, Efficient contributor, Passive idea generator, Passive commentator

Flore Barcellini, et al. (2014) [13]

Access frequency, network relationship structure

Interactors, information providers, coordinators, encouragers