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“My growth was cultivated by many people, and I want to inherit and pass on this cultivation mechanism and also the benefits I get.”

a1: Business is a channel for inheriting the morality and justice

A1: Appreciation and gratitude

AA1: Entrepreneurial passion

Entrepreneurs have a sense of social responsibility. If we have the ability to help our parents, families, and the society then we shall contribute to them.

a7: Have a sense of responsibility for the society

A3: Social responsibility

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“Now we welcome the government to investigate into our problems.”

a90: Government’s supervision can promote business growth

A34: The encouragement and supervision of the government

AA14: The Promotion of government supervision

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“I am wondering whether I can grow my business, so as to cultivate these children, and pass on the love, motivating their personal growth.

a93: Concerns about the delinquency of millennials

A35: Concerns about the delinquency of millennials

AA15: Reflections on the current situation of the society and the discovery of social problems

In 2013, sensing that college education was disconnected with the reality, I promoted the idea of everyone to join the self-taught higher education examinations.

a97: Dissatisfied with the current education situation

A36: Dissatisfied with the current education situation

The entire society generally admires the sense of responsibility, which indicates the enterprise to take on the responsibility and adapt to this trend.

a105: The promoting of corporate social responsibility

A38: The motivation from the society and trend

AA16: The promotion of social environment and social trends

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