Radiologic-Pathologic Pattern

High resolution chest tomography findings

Usual Interstitial Pneumonia (UIP)

Reticulations Honeycombing

Subpleural, basal predominance

Absence of features that are diagnostically inconsistent with UIP

Non specific interstitial pneumonia (NSIP)

Ground glass opacities ± intralobular reticulation, Traction bronchiectasis, Absence or minor honeycombing, Bilateral, symmetrical lesions

Lower lobes predominance with sparing of the dorsal subpleural band

Organized pneumonia (OP)

Consolidation ± ground glass opacities, “halo sign”, subpleural predominance peribronchovascular distribution Migratory character

Lymphocyte interstitial pneumonia (LIP)

Centrilobular and subpleural nodules, Ground glass opacities

Thickening of the septal and bronchovascular bundles

Perilymphatic distribution

Thin-walled Cysts