・ Age

・ Gender

・ Home town origin

・ Number of siblings in one’s native family

・ Number of offspring

Care and handling of infants;

Encircle the frequency

・ Holding in lap; No-over 5 times

・ Dressing an infant; No-over 5 times

・ Changing a nappy; No-over 5 times

・ Bathing an infant; No-over 5 time

・ Feeding an infant; No-breast/ bottle-solid food

Experiences, Attitudes and


Cross alternatives you agree

o I have taken care of infant siblings

o I have been a babysitter for infants

o I am familiar with handling infants

o I have not dared to touch infants

o I am frightened to handle infants

o I feel tense when handling infants

o I think I manage with infants

o I am waiting for handling infants

Working as practitioners;

Cross the right answers

o I have not worked as a physician

o I have worked as a physician in hospitals

o I have worked as a physician in health care centres

Interest in pediatrics;

Cross if you agree

o I am interested pediatrics as a career choice

Open question;

Write the answer

What kind of knowledge or teaching you wish to have about meeting, caring or treating infants?