Cata JP (2016) [12]

Retrospective study of 792 non-metastatic breast cancer to evaluate if use of PVB prolongs their survival


198 given PVB, remainder treated with opioid based analgesia

Significantly lower intraoperative fentanyl consumption

No significant change in recurrence-free survival


Hards M (2016) [13]

Retrospective study of 27 breast cancer patients


16 had serratus block; 11 had wound infiltration

No patients with SPB had severe pain in recovery or POD 1

2 patients who had wound infiltration had severe pain in recovery, and 3 patients on POD1


Bonomi S (2016) [14]

Breast cancer patients

Implant-based breast reconstructions

Bilateral Pecs block, with GA

Eliminated need for post-operative opoid


lower mean VAS score throughout inpatient stay


Fallatah S (2016) [15]

40 patients with unilateral breast cancer

Unilateral lumpectomy and axillary lymph nodes dissection

20 patients received peroperative unilateral PVB from T2-6; 20 patients received postoperative PCA morphine; both with GA

Significantly lower pain scores, shorter hospital stay, higher satisfaction score, and less PONV in patients who had PVB

2 patients who had PVB had inadvertent vascular puncture and one with pain at the site of injection that continued beyond a month

Wolf O (2016) [16]

RCT involving 74 breast cancer patients

Prosthetic breast reconstruction

PVB with GA or GA alone

Significantly less intraoperative and postoperative opioid consumption

Less antiemetic medication


Khemka R (2016) [17]

2 patients with unilateral breast malignancy

breast conservation surgery with dissection of the axillary nodes followed by reconstruction using a LD pedicle flap

Pecs I block and serratus anterior plane block with GA

No intraoperative opioid. 1 had 6 mg morphine 0 - 48 hs. The other had 4 mg of morphine 0 - 48 hs


Fusco P (2016) [18]

78 year old severe respiratory insufficiency for pulmonary fibrosis

Radical mastectomy and axillary dissection

Serratus plane block, PECS I block, parasternal LA injections

Complete anaesthesia of mammary and axillary regions.

No opioids first 24 hs of surgery