First Author (year)

Patient indication

Surgical indication

Type of block



Our presented patient

SJMS with grossly abnormal lung function test

Left lower inner quadrant lumpectomy

PVB and Pecs I block

Excellent surgical condition. Discharged on the same day.


Moon EJ (2017) [5]

Refusal of GA

Left breast mass for Breast-Conserving Surgery with Axillary Clearance

Pecs I and II (in combination with sedation)

Analgesic effect lasted 8 hours

No post-operative nausea and vomiting (PONV)


Versyck B. (2017) [6]

140 patients with breast cancer stage 1 - 3

Mastectomy or lumpectomy with sentinel node or axillary node dissection

Pecs II block or placebo block with saline

Pecs group had significantly less pain during stay in recovery area, required significantly less postoperative opioids


Hong B (2017) [7]

27-weeks parturient, with recurrent breast cancer, refused GA

Wide excision of breast mass 3 - 4 cm below the clavicle

Pecs II block and Pecto-intercostal fascial block

No intraoperative analgesics.

Postoperative Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) score 1 but did not require further analgesics.


Abdallah FW (2017) [8]

Cohort study of 225 patients with breast cancer

Ambulatory breast cancer surgery

3 study groups of (75 per group): pectoralis, serratus block and conventional opioid-based analgesia

Pec and SPB associated with, reduced intraoperative fentanyl requirements, expedited recovery room discharge, reduced post-operative opioid use and PONV compared to control


Kim H (2017) [9]

Refusal of GA

Excision of breast giant fibroadenoma

Pecs I, Pecs II and internal intercostal plane block

No intraoperative opioid needed.

No postoperative pain


Takahashi H (2017) [10]

72 years old, breast cancer at 1 o’clock position of the right breast

Modified radical mastectomy with sentinel node dissection

Complete ante-thoracic (medial, inferior, lateral) block, with sedation using propofol and remifentanil 0.1 mcg/kg/min

No postoperative analgesics.


Patel SY (2017) [11]

65 year old with ductal carcinoma-in-situ and mammary dysplasia, history of severe PONV

Unilateral mastectomy and TRAM flap reconstruction without axillary lymph node dissection

Pecs I and II, unilateral abdominal TAP block done before GA

NRS 4 - 5/10 on the side not blocked

mild to moderate nausea 0 - 48 hrs

RA lasted 24 hrs