・ Desire or need to lose weight

・ Nice appearance with less weight


・ Personal health issues, such as being diabetic or pre-diabetic

・ Family history, such as diabetes

・ Benefits of previous weight loss attempts, such as improved diabetic risk indicator HbA1c levels, self and others’ weight loss


・ Becoming informed about healthy living and disease prevention

Changes since participating in the program

Starting to exercise

・ Going to gym

・ Exercising from not at all to it becoming easier

Eating in the right way

・ Reduced consumption of meat

・ Eating vegetables

・ Not eating fried foods or other fast food

・ Using less sugar

・ Drinking less soda and drinking more water

・ Cooking according to recipes received from the program

・ Replacing regular milk with reduced fat milk or skim milk

・ Portion control

・ Eating slowly

Weight change

・ Loss of weight

・ Lost weight but gained it back


・ Formed closer relationship with peers


Healthy eating

・ Cost of foods

・ Food preparation, time and method

・ Taste preference

Physical activities

・ Tiredness

・ Not able to keep doing exercise at home/after the program

・ Being physically demanding

・ Poor health

Mindfulness practices

・ Difficult to do